Feb 2, 2014

Revolution By Light: World Channels Day

Revolution By Light: World Channels Day: “Send Light to those whom you love, to those whom you can or cannot help & to those who trouble you.” – Guruji Krishnananda

Jul 17, 2012

Revolution by Light - Is this revolution happening..?

I have been speaking of the Revolution by Light. Is this revolution happening..? - Guruji Krishnananda

Revolution on the ground - School Children Channeling Light at a School
              Revolution is change. Sometimes, the changes are fast and complete. Even if the changes are slow and partial, they are changes, and it is indeed a revolution. Such a revolution began a long time ago. Right now, we are going through another phase of the revolution.
            The changes that have occurred so far are changes no doubt, but they are not enough. We could have done more. I am expecting changes in all of us. We can do more. We have to do more. 
          I also expect changes in all systems. If we force the systems to change suddenly, they will collapse and there will be chaos. When individuals change gradually, the systems will change automatically. Though the systems are very strong and deeply corrupt, they will change when we begin to change.    
       Spiritual revolutions are always silent and nonviolent. There will be no  confrontation, no aggression; only love and hope.  The finest example is that of Light Channelling. Channel the Light that’s all.
      There are no sermons, no membership, no commerce; there is only love, pure love. This is a Spiritual Revolution. This Revolution is happening.  
           Revolution occurs when we go beyond our own understandings and our own principles. We have to keep advancing, keep growing to keep the revolution alive.
Do not stagnate at any level. Go beyond your ordinary ways of living. Go beyond Meditations. Go beyond Samadhi. Go beyond even enlightenment!

Jul 11, 2012

Turbulence is an Opportunity…

We have been going through a period of turbulence for quite some time now. We are now reaching the peak of the turbulence. The period between the last pair of eclipses (May-June) and the next pair of eclipses (November) is crucial. We can expect turbulence not only at the global level but also at the individual level and at every other level.

Instead of trying to escape this, which is impossible, we must prepare to face this period. No one can escape it because it is a part of a larger Spiritual process.

The turbulence does not necessarily involve global events or major upsets. There could be minor upsets … seemingly minor, that may lead to very complex situations and unnecessary conflicts. We have to be fully alert and aware during this period so that we are in a position to make the right choices.

We have to be alert about any negativity creeping into us, and we should reject them. We must be aware of God’s grace in the form of abundant special energies flooding the earth. These energies help us tide over any situation.

In my opinion, the turbulence is an opportunity, an opportunity for everyone including the world leaders to contemplate, understand the higher realities, make the right choices and prepare for any eventuality.

Jul 4, 2012

Are we just pawns in this great play or experimentation?

We are presently going through the transition into the Light Age or New Age. The whole Universe is watching our world with great interest and studying this transition because, several things are being experimented for the first time. This is a very, very special occasion.The experimentation is being done by the Light Masters. If the results are good, they may adopt these methods on other earths.The 2012 end events and entering the New Age this time are very special.
In this context, someone asked me, “Are we just pawns in this great play or experimentation?
There are some who believe in the philosophy that the Universe works through us; we have no role to play; there is nothing that we need to do. But the Light Masters say, no, we are not just passive pawns. We are much more than that.
We have the gift of Freewill. We are co-creators. We are free to go along with the Great Design, we are free to alter our destinies. Collectively, we can alter the destiny of our world. Through the meditations of millions, many wars have been postponed or cancelled.
We have a great role to play in this world, and we have to take initiative. God expects us to be courageous, independent, and responsible.
The Light Masters want us to be able to take decisions boldly and independently when we are faced with dilemmas, and not just be pawns, waiting for the Universe to take action.They want each one of us to stand on our own feet, be a beacon of Light, enlightened and independent.
Guruji Krishnananda

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Jun 29, 2012

How do we cope with loss and pain that may arise from 2012 events?

A student asked me, “Those who have not chosen the Light may not be with us after 2012. How to bear with the pain of this loss?”

My answer :

So, you assume you will be there after 2012! We tend to think that earthquakes, floods, always happen somewhere else, not here; death comes only to others, etc. This is human nature.

We assume that only we survive 2012. Presuming you will survive after 2012, learn to be above such emotions. Our closest friend or relative may not survive, we have to bear that pain. It is difficult.

To cope with such grief, I suggest you to experience the Unmanifested part in your own system, the inner space, the inner sky. Practise for not more than three minutes. The grief may not disappear altogether, but you will be able to manage with it.

When we lose everything, all our possessions, experiencing the Unmanifested part in us will be of great help. This experience will keep the life force alive in us.

When the Tsunami hit southern India, I watched on TV a house that had almost completely fallen with a little bit of roof and a door still intact. The poor woman, the resident was cleaning the front of the house and drawing Rangoli (folk/sacred art). What hope! That is human spirit; that is life force.

Human beings who have such spirit never give up. When everything collapses, they pick up the pieces and move on.

We have to survive to help, serve and guide others. It is our responsibility.

We can bear with any loss, when we experience the Unmanifested part in us.

Please write to us at info@lightchannels.com if you wish to know & understand the technique- How to experience “The Unmainfested Part” in us.

Guruji Krishnananda

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Jun 27, 2012

Now what we should do apart from Channelling Light?

At this point in time, which is the most important thing that we should do apart from channelling Light?

Carry Light always. That is the most important thing. Light will provide us not only energies but also knowledge and wisdom. Try to experience Light more, during Meditations and at other times as well. This experience brings us many benefits. It keeps us connected to the Light Masters. It expands our Awareness. We will never be petty again. We think and emote for the world. We become universal. We have to become universal. It is only then the Universe takes care of us.
Try this (experiencing Light). The Universe will guide you in every detail. I have seen this happening with people around me. When you work for the Universe, when you think of the Universe, when you become universal, I have seen help coming from so many quarters. It is the Universe that provides and takes care of us.
When you experience Light there will be an awakening in you. An awakened person naturally helps and guides others to awaken.
Be alert and observe what is happening in the world. The energies released so far and the energies that are going to be released will hasten the transitional processes. The Revolution by Light is accelerating.
At this point in time, be in this world, but don’t be attached to it. If we get too involved in the world, it dilutes our focus, which is our Spiritual growth. We should also fulfil all our commitments and responsibilities.
At this point in time do not initiate projects spread over several years. Continue your normal life. Do not take extreme steps. Be cautious, judicious. Always follow your own intuition.
Guruji Krishnananda

Jun 21, 2012

The Role of a Human Guru

This is the month, Ashadha Masa, when great energies from the Highest Source come to the earth directly.  The ancient Rishis were aware of this and they advised others to spend more time in spiritualization than in the material activities.  That is why people postponed marriage, rituals and all other major material activities and spent more time in Meditations.  But, as time passed, people forgot the principle behind the postponements and thought that the whole month is an inauspicious period. People forgot that every moment in this month is divine.  But, now, as we are entering the New Age, the Rishis are reminding us about the forgotten principle and are advising to spend more time in absorbing the energies from the Source by Meditations.

Amara told us that the Guru is God Himself and the human gurus are His representatives and that they are Spiritual Guides.  As I was ruminating about Amara’s revelations, I remembered his definition of the role of a human guru.  It is, mainly, to connect the students to the real Guru, God.  It is to make the student realize and lead him to the real Guru.  To help the student experience the Divine. His job is to provide the Knowledge, energies and techniques leading to the Divine.  And, this is a very important point, once the student is connected to the real Guru, his job is over because from that state the real Guru will directly guide the student and take him to the Ultimate Freedom and Surrender, the Mukti !

I remembered Amara’s words:  It is not the job of a guru to control and instruct the student in every detail of life.  It is to make the student think and act independently.  It is to make him strong and pure.  If a student is controlled, he depends on the words of the guru and will never fly.  He never takes the risks of taking decisions.  He may not fail but he will never succeed in achieving the Freedom which is the ultimate goal in Spiritual journey.  A person who is not free cannot surrender, cannot attain Mukti.  Freedom and proper exercise of Free Will is very important even in daily life.

I feel, the time has come for the gurus to understand their roles and help their students to walk and fly.

Can a person who does not believe in God channel Light?

I say, yes. Channelling is an act of love. You may not believe in God but you may believe in love; love towards humanity, love towards all beings on this earth. Channelling is an act of healing. When we channel Light we heal ourselves, we heal others, and we heal the earth. Channelling is an act of gratitude. We receive so much from nature, from society, from everyone, from our own family members, from others, and from the Masters. When we channel Light, we contribute to the transformation of the world, albeit in a small way.

By channelling Light to the world, we can give back for what we have received from the society. We receive so much help and energies for our sustenance from the Masters; we can channel Light to express our gratitude for such things, even if we don’t believe in God.
The Light is the Source from which the entire Creation has emerged. It is the Supreme Intelligence, the Supreme Power, the energy behind all Creation.

To debate on whether God exists or not is a mere intellectual exercise that leads to nowhere; it is a waste of time. We have to go beyond the intellect and actually experience the Light. Once we have a direct experience, no debate will be necessary.

Jun 18, 2012

iGuruji - informal talks with Guruji

Guruji's Birthday  

In the Manasa Administrative Office every staff member’s birthday is celebrated. Guruji attends the Office party and blesses with a bouquet and a gift. After the cake is cut, we all sit around the work desks and, yes, have an informal conversation with Guruji. On May 18th, which was a Friday, the staff gathered to celebrate the birthday of the founder of Manasa Office – our Guruji.

Something very unusual happened – even before anyone could say anything Guruji suddenly spoke. “The Universe gifts us with special energy on our birthday.  We may not be aware of it at this conscious level but we will be at the Astral level. We can choose to either store or spend this gift. It helps us at the time of our death; however, we can choose to carry it to our next lifetime. You can accumulate energies for 51,000 years, a Mahayuga, or expend it in the same year it is received.”
After this gush of new knowledge he paused for a moment, probably cross-checking if he had communicated all that he had received by direct perception. Immediately a question was posed as though to continue the flow.

“How can we use this energy gift consciously?”

“At the higher level we will know. This energy can be passed to others to help them; Karmas, both ours and others, can be erased.”
The previous night we had celebrated Guruji’s birthday with the Taponagara residents. Some of them also work in the Manasa Office. Everyone had expressed their deep devotional love for Guruji even though only some spoke. Knowing that Guruji’s life is so precious and our comparatively expendable someone in a state of devotion asked indirectly if they could transfer the years of their lives to Guruji.

“Can we transfer our life to others?” Well, the camouflage did not work.

“No,” he said very categorically. Once, Guruji gave a day of his life to ease the problems of a person. This was a special case and the permission of God and Rishis was sought. A Guru does such things unconditionally, others will never know.

Jun 14, 2012

What is our role now, before 2012 end, and after 2012?

Someone asked, “What is our role now, before 2012 end, and after 2012?”

I say, it depends on your preparation. We have written many books on how to prepare. Are you ready to take up the Work? If you are ready, the Work comes to you automatically, somehow. Can you manifest Unconditional Love? Can you manifest the Life Force?

Right now, our work is to just grow spiritually. Equip yourself with Love and Knowledge. Channel Light. If possible, help others to channel Light.

Tell a friend about channelling Light, gently and gracefully. Do not force or impose. Light works in its own way. If he is ready he will accept it. If not, he won’t be interested.

After 2012 there will be a lot of Work. The exact nature of the Work will be revealed only after 2012. The Rishis want a batch to be given special training to work for the post 2012 period. I hope some of you will volunteer for this.

Many things that are happening now, and many things that are going to happen are all part of a single huge process. The collapse of systems does not apply only to external systems like the financial system, the political system, etc. We will witness the collapse of systems within us also. We must allow certain collapses to occur. All that is preventing us from experiencing and manifesting Light should collapse.

We must choose Light not just once, but in every situation. We must choose Light and Love from our deepest level, the level of the soul. This is the best we can do now to prepare ourselves for 2012 end, and beyond.

Jun 5, 2012

Will the Revolution by Light spread all over the world?

Someone asked, “Will the Revolution by Light spread all over the world?” 
           I say, do you doubt? It will spread. Everyone on this earth will be working for the Revolution by Light. Mark my words, they may not be channelling Light as we are doing, but they are a part of the Revolution.

People may spread Love instead of Light. Love is a part of Light. Many people are spreading Peace. That’s enough; they are working for the Revolution.

The Revolution began long ago. The Revolution is going on. I would prefer people channeling Light because, the Light contains everything - Love, Peace, Wisdom, tolerance, accommodation, and all that is good in this Creation. Love contains creative forces. Light contains healing energies. I wish all the people channel Light.

The Revolution WILL spread to the whole world.
                                             Guruji Krishnananda

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May 25, 2012

The Revolution Continues

The Revolution by Light entered the next phase with thousands of people from all over the world channelling Light on May 7th, 2012.  We should not stop with this.  We have to channel Light daily.  More and more people have to join this.  Revolutions will not begin and end in a short period.  Not this one.   It is a silent one also.  But, I know, it is very effective.

We must also remember that the Revolution is being carried on at the Astral level.  The network of the Rishis which is spread all over the world is working on this.  Masters from the outer space are helping with their energies and knowledge.  They are in contact with some of the Light Workers who are working on their own.  In a short course of time, every one on this earth will be contacted either at the physical level or at the Astral level and is educated about the opportunities at the end of 2012 that take us to a higher life.

I have been witnessing the impact of the Revolution by Light that began in 2008.  I have been noticing the awakenings,  rejecting of the corrupt ways and systems and yearning for a peaceful and just living.  I have been seeing the surges of waves of changes spreading all over the world.  I am experiencing the waves of the energies of changes.  It may take some time for them to manifest  fully at the physical level.  But they will.

* * *

We are going through a very special phase of Transition.  We have to live with the imperfect and corrupt systems, choose a value system and keep a balanced head in the surrounding madness of greed and violence without losing hope of a better tomorrow.  These are really challenging times.  More chaos and confusion are expected.  In these trying times, not losing the balance and hope is very important.  For that, there is no other way than the Spiritual way : Meditating and getting help from the Spiritual energies flooding the earth.

Taking help from the Light is the best option.  Not many may realize this now.  But, ultimately, everyone will turn towards Light.

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May 19, 2012

Guruji's Birthday Celebration

Dear Friends,
You are welcome to watch Live Webcast of our Guruji's Birthday Celebration tomorrow at 11.30am onwards. 

Download the Recorded Live here

May 9, 2012

Maharshi Amara

Maharshi Amara (1919-1982) was an extraordinary channel for the Rishis, headed by the Sapta Rishis or the Hierarchy, who are now in the higher planes. The Knowledge he brought down was an extension of the Knowledge brought down to this earthen plane by the ancient Rishis. He guided all spiritual seekers with this Knowledge and provided them with the New Age energies that he personally gathered. That he continues to guide us even now from a distant galaxy where he is living now, is a matter that we have to be very happy about. For, rarely do such Masters come down to our earth.

He taught and demonstrated to us that in Spiritual journeys there are no pains. There are no pains when the Chakras are activated. There are no pains when the Kundalini rises. There are absolutely no abnormalities in our behaviour when the great energies work on our systems and when we are making strides in Spiritual progress. In fact, living a normal life sensibly is an indication of the Spiritual life. Dignified, majestic, wise, radiating Peace and Love and being silent are some of the descriptions of a Spiritual seeker and, of course, of a guru also! Amara lived all this to teach us. He taught us in silence and dignity.

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May 5, 2012

Light Channels Meet

We invite you, your relatives and friends to participate in the event “Light Channels Meet” on May 7th 2012 at 7PM through Live Webcast on www.lightchannels.com. There will be a link to webcast page on the homepage itself. Login is not required. It is open to all. 

Watch the Recorded Live here

(Excerpts from Guruji's Speech at the Event)

My fellow human beings, this is a very important day in my life. I am an ordinary man but today I carry a very important message from the Rishis (Light masters). This message is for everyone on this Earth.
It is a message of Hope. It is a message of Assurance.
The message begins like this…
Most of the events expected to occur at the end of 2012 will occur. But let no one panic. The World will not end. The destruction feared to be associated with these events can be prevented. This is the most important part of the message.
“This destruction is related to the Spiritual Transformation of People”. What is Spirituality? Spirituality is just Being Good, Honest and Peaceful. We do not have to go to temples. We do not have to go on pilgrimages. This is the essence of Spirituality. This definition comes from the Masters who bring all knowledge from higher realms.
One may ask, why is destruction related to the Spiritualisation. The most important fact is that we are entering into a new time frame, a New Age. In New Age, this goodness, honesty and peace are the minimum conditions to live and exist. People who do not Choose to be Peaceful and Loving cannot Survive.
‘The New Age is not far away. It begins from the end of 2012’. By the end of 2012 all people will not become Saints. The Rishis say, “You don’t have to Completely transform. But you have to Choose. Choose to be good, that is enough”. Choosing qualifies us to enter into New Age. Once many People Choose, the Rishis who control the destruction will have enough reason and justification to totally avoid or minimize the destruction part.
The Revolution by Light is for Transformation. It is for Preparation. It is to help us to Choose. It is a silent effort to bring about great changes all over the earth,taking the help of Light (Formless God).
This message is for the Entire Humanity. All imperfect systems will collapse. They may collapse suddenly or gradually. Personally I feel the collapse will be sudden. When the systems collapse, naturally there will be chaos and confusion. But the Rishis say - do not worry. They have plans. They will help. They have seen these events many times. It is not the first time we are entering the Photon Belt.
When imperfect system collapses, new systems come into existence. This may happen immediately or gradually. The decision in this regard is not taken yet. Every individual on this earth will be contacted directly. I feel so happy to repeat this. Rishis are such Kind and Loving people.
Even those who do not change will be taken care of with Great Love. It is not that they will be abandoned and punished. In the kingdom of God there is no punishment. Everyone is given another opportunity. A million times we fail, One more opportunity is given. The kingdom of God is full of Love.
All hidden faculties, the third eye, our capacity to communicate telepathically, living on prana etc. will be open up. When the systems collapse, we may not have food. Then we may be given the gift of living on prana. Suddenly all people will be contacted and helped.
Yesterday, during Buddha Purnima, a special energy was released. When we Channel Light, even this energy will be Channelled. After Channelling today, please do not stop Channelling. Channel everyday for a minimum period of 7 minutes.
I do not know whether I have carried the message properly or not. But the Light in you, I am Sure, It has captured the message in its purity and entirety from the Light Masters. I feel this is the most fortunate moment in my Life to be the Messenger of the Great Rishis.

May 1, 2012

Does Light solve our problems?

Light solves all our problems. You may wonder how, but you have to experience it. All problems, material, Spiritual, health problems … Some problems are solved directly, sometimes instantaneously. A person was searching for a particular document. When he searched everywhere and could not find it, he prayed to Light and filled himself with Light. After some time, he found it. I can quote many such instances.

      I say with experience that Light solves all our problems. Some problems cannot be solved miraculously. If a person has cancer it cannot be miraculously cured in a day or two. But people have found great relief and even total healing in some cases.

      If a problem is not solved immediately, the Light gives us the courage and the wisdom to carry on living with the problem; the problem vanishes gradually.

       Light solves all problems provided, you choose Light in every situation. When you choose Light, you have to choose from the level of your soul, not from the level of the intellect. If you really choose Light all the time, the Light takes over your life. You will be living in Light.

To understand and truly accept this, you have to have a firsthand experience of Light.

Apr 25, 2012

A Silent Revolution

The Revolution by Light is happening.Now, we take it to the next level. Expand it.  The Revolution begins with an awakening.  We awaken to the realities.  Realities of Life, Death, Creation,  The New Age, The Great Changes at the end of 2012 ….. There are many.  We also awaken to the realities that are perpetuating corruption, exploitation, violence etc.  We awaken to the reality that we are not helpless.  We have the Light to help us.

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Apr 18, 2012

Guruji Krishnananda

Guruji Krishnananda (1939) met his Guru, Maharshi Amara (1919-1982), in 1977 and his life took a new turn. His Guru had established contact with the Sapta Rishis, the Hierarchy, and other Rishis when he was very young. He used to travel astrally to other earths and meet the Rishis and Devas there. He brought down rare Spiritual Knowledge and the whole Science of Meditation.

For five years, Guruji learnt Meditation, Astral travel and other techniques from his Guru and after his passing away, founded Manasa Foundation to continue the work of his Guru, teaching Meditation and disseminating rare Spiritual Knowledge. He developed Dhyana Yoga.

In 2006, he established the Study Centre to study rare Spiritual realities with the help of Intuition. In 2009, he began the Light Channels World Movement helping people channeling Light daily for seven minutes to spread Love and Peace. Lakhs of school children have channeled Light and have benefitted in their studies and lives.

Guruji lives in Taponagara, 20 Kms away from Bangalore city, in India and conducts weekly Meditation classes. He has authored several Spiritual books. His “Doorways to Light” is considered a very important book for understanding the New Age.

Guruji works as a channel to the Sapta Rishis.

The Path

The Path established by Guruji is known as The Path of the Rishis. Meditation and Positivisation of thoughts and emotions are the basic approaches here. The Path defines Spirituality as being good and honest. Spirituality is different from religion.

We have come down as souls to this planet to experience life here. Experiencing life fully and then going back to our Source is the Purpose of life.

Meditators are encouraged to establish direct links with the Rishis in the higher planes. They are taught the New Age realities and are guided to go through the transitional processes of entering into the New Age and the effects of events occurring at the end of 2012.


Guruji asserts that we are here to experience the human life and all its diversity. We have to manifest the Life Force and celebrate Life. We must manifest Love, Peace and Truth. That is true Spirituality. We have to realize the uselessness of the meaningless rituals imposed by the humans and become aware of the distortions in the Knowledge we inherit.

We have to realize that the Rishis of Puranas do exist at a different level. We have to establish contact to receive the undistorted Knowledge and guidance to sail through the difficult period of Pralaya.

God is a Reality. He is Light. He is Intelligence. He can be experienced in Meditations. The forms are his manifestations. The best way of worship is through Meditations.

This world is imperfect. But this is our world. We have to love this world. We are all one. We have to share our accomplishments and Karmas.

We have to work for the Peace and Welfare of our world.

All religions speak of the same Truth. We have to go beyond religion to realize and experience the Oneness of humanity.

Our thoughts and emotions impact nature and all life on earth. Every being and non-being has intelligence and feelings. We must expand our Awareness to understand and interact with all Life.

We are not alone. There are many in other earths waiting to help us to pass through the difficult times of Transition and 2012 effects.

We need not reincarnate after clearing our Karmas. But we can choose to come down and work for the Rishis who have been working for the welfare of all Life here from ages.

Apr 11, 2012

Is Revolution possible only by channelling Light?

Dear Friends,

Is Revolution possible only by channelling Light?
     Light provides wisdom and courage. Light also awakens. When we awaken we have to reject all that is not right, all that is corrupt. We have to reject the dark. We have to reject the negative things, which means we have to act. Light helps. Remember, Light always helps. Light always works. But we too have to work.
    We have to make great efforts. Only when we choose goodness and honesty in all details of life, we can say we are working for the Revolution by Light.

   We as individuals have to change and transform. It is only then the Revolution begins. Revolution begins with the individuals. Then the systems, which are made of individuals will change. Revolution by Light works at all levels, at the level of energy, at the Astral level and most importantly, at the individual level.

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